black. brown. queer. here.

who are rainbow noir?

Rainbow Noir is a volunteer led social, peer support and community action group, which celebrates and platforms people of colour who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and/or Intersex (LGBTQI).

We exist to provide a voice for LGBTQI people of colour in Greater Manchester and the North West. As a community and as individuals we are too often silenced or forgotten about. We strive to influence change within and outside of the LGBTQI community on a local and a national level.

As well as a commitment to represent and platform LGBTQI people of colour and our communities, one of our soul aims from our very beginning, is been to create a space of our own, places to feel safe, where LGBTQI people of colour can meet, hang out, form friendships and find community. We create monthly social spaces both online and in person.

our mission

  • To create spaces where LGBTQI people of colour can connect with community and affirm identity.
  • To raise the visibility of LGBTQI people of colour and our experiences in Manchester, Greater Manchester and beyond.
  • To platform our community's excellence.

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All of our work is led by volunteers in their spare time, if you would like to donate to the work we do, you can do via PayPal using the link below.